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Finding Artwork

Searching for Images


Install qsniyg/maxurl to automatically find links for high quality images when browsing the web.

It is recommended to use the MH Covers cover search engine, which searches from many of the sources mentioned below.

Various sources for digital artwork:

Apple Music / iTunes, Amazon Music, Amazon, Bandcamp, Deezer, Google Images, iTunes,, MusicBrainz / Cover Art Archive, OTOTOY, Qobuz, SoundCloud, TIDAL, VGMdb, Gracenote

Making Images Bigger

If an image of sufficient size cannot be found try upscaling an existing image with Real-ESRGAN or waifu2x.


  • For best results with Real-ESRGAN use the realesrgan-x4plus-anime model for anime and realesrgan-x4plus for photos.
  • For best results with waifu2x enable TTA and use the upconv_7_anime model for anime and upconv_7_photo for photos.
  • Both can also be used to remove blur.

Making Images Square

If a square image cannot be found try making the closest available image square.

Ways to approach:

  • Resize the canvas smaller.
  • Crop inside the image bounds.
  • Resize the canvas bigger, select a region and fill with content-aware mode.
  • Crop outside the image bounds with content-aware mode.


If the image becomes too small after cropping or canvas reductions try upscaling it first.

Salty | Created 2021/10/21 | Updated 2022/10/29