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The QF Bible

C1. Thou shall not look upon the music libraries of other with envy or arrogance.

C2. Thou shall not transcode media between lossy formats, or from a lossy format to a lossless one.

C3. Thou shall not use single file plus CUE in any format, especially APE.

C4. Thou shall always use a consistent file structure, preferably one of these:

  • The bare minimum:

    <Album Artist>/<Album Artist> - <Album> (<Year>) [<.Ext> - <Bit Depth> - <Sample Rate>]/<Disc-Track#>. <Title>

  • With a media type (such as Vinyl, WEB, CD, BD) where applicable:

    <Album Artist>/<Album Artist> - <Album> (<Year>) [MEDIATYPE - <.Ext> - <Bit Depth> - <Sample Rate>]/<Disc-Track#>. <Title>

  • With a catalog number where applicable:

    <Album Artist>/<Album Artist> - <Album> (<Year>) [MEDIATYPE - <.Ext> - <Bit Depth> - <Sample Rate>] {CATALOGNUMBER}/<Disc-Track#>. <Title>

C5. Thou shall always choose lossless over lossy, with the three allowable formats being FLAC, OPUS and MP3 (in that order).

C6. Thou shall not normalize or gain alter tracks.

C7. Thou shall not include featured artists in the album artist.

C8. Thou shall respect YouTube uploads with the record as the thumbnail of the video.

C9. Thou shall not merge multiple releases into one if they were originally separate.

C10. Thou shall always use one space before and after each hyphen.

C11. Thou shall not organize music by genre or anything else that can be interpreted subjectively.

C12. Thou shall always download music one cares for, for oneself, by oneself. Failure to do so means the file is likely lost.

C13. Thou shall not place "the" at the end of an artist name.

C14. Thou shalt not use multi-value tags for intentionally single value fields.

C15. Thou shall avoid embedding album art when possible, instead use cover.png or cover.jpg.

C16. Thou shall not rip vinyl at 16bit/44kHz.

C17. Thou shalt not prefer MQA over anything under any circumstances.

C18. Thou shall encode FLAC only at level 8 compression.

Updated 2021/10/21