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Music Sources

Public Trackers

Name Content Comment
RuTracker Russian, Western, Asian
  • A fair share of range rips with low log scores.
  • The site is entirely in Russian.
  • Need to create an account.
Nyaa Japanese, Korean, Asian
  • A lot of WEB releases and CD releases without logs.

Private Trackers

Name Content Entering Ratio Comment
Orpheus (OPS) Less broad, Little Asian Interview, Invite Medium
  • Has a request thread for RED.
  • Very strict.
Redacted (RED) More broad Interview, Invite Hard
  • Has request threads for Qobuz, Deezer and TIDAL.
  • Lots of 100% logs.
  • Very strict.
AnimeBytes (AB) Japanese Invite, RED Easy
  • Quite a bit of 60% logs.
  • Scans are not allowed.
  • Has global freeleech.
  • Difficult to get into.
JPopSuki (JPS) East Asian, Southeast Asian Invite Very Easy
  • Some torrents not seeded.
  • Very relaxed, friendly.
SugoiMusic (SM) East Asian, Southeast Asian Invite, JPS Quite Easy
  • Made as a replacement for JPS.
GazelleGames (GGn) VGM OST, some doujin Invite, RED Hard for Music
  • Decent amount of 100% logs.
  • Has global freeleech.
U2 Anime Invite Easy for Music
  • Quite a bit of exclusives and 60% logs.
  • Has global freeleech.

Peer to Peer

Name Content Comment
Soulseek (SLSK) Relatively Broad
  • Some users have their shares locked and are only willing to trade for something valuable, although sometimes just asking works too.
  • Need to be sharing something to not get blocked by other users.
DC++ Random, Scene
  • Hard to get into rooms that matter, need to be sharing a certain amount of specific content.

Direct Download

Name Content Comment
SquidBoard (Squid) Japanese, Little western
  • Need to create an account.
ASTOST soundtracks, Some classical
  • All self-rips are automatically exclusive.
  • The site is entirely in Chinese.
  • Lots of 60% logs.
TSDM Japanese, Chinese
  • All self-rips are automatically exclusive.
  • The site is entirely in Chinese.
  • Lots of 60% logs.
Internet Archive Random, Mostly older


To check if something has a scene release search on of the following indexers:, or After verifying the existence of the release search for it on Google or ask friends with scene access. Scene releases can sometimes also be found on peer to peer platforms and direct download sites among other places.

Most scene rips do not have logs, use an unpleasant naming scheme and follow outdated guidelines.


See Reference➜Streaming Services.


See Reference➜Digital Stores.

Updated 2022/11/18